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Perroquetsecours is registered in the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec and is recognized as a registered charity organization with the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec. The main objective of the organization is to support the foster families and shelters bound by a signed agreement, who temporarily take care of the found birds entrusted to us. All donations go directly to this cause and can be eligible for a federal and provincial tax credit for the donor. Indeed, when a found bird is handed over to us, his condition is sometimes a matter of emergency for veterinary care to be administered. It is equally important to provide parrots staying in our foster families or inpartner shelters, with basic needs such as food,cage and toys. A portion of your donation goes also to support certain costs incurred for voluntary action, such as creating posters and printed copies for distribution to find a lost bird.

The site and the organization are one. Perroquetsecours works through the help of volunteers efforts, foster homes, shelters, partners, sponsors, other websites and other organizations dedicated to parrots and it works thanks to you. You can now use securely Paypal mode for your donations by clicking on the Paypal icon or you can choose to send a check or money order:



We wish to thank you for your involvement and contribution to the cause of  lost / found / stolenparrots. A receipt will be issued for any donation over $20.00We will provide an annual report to all of our donors who will make the request for it at the end of each fiscal year.

Together we can make a difference and your help is precious !


Our mandate



Perroquetsecours is a Registered Charity Organization that makes one with the website. Its main objective is to help the lost / found / stolen  parrots but our mandate allows us to do much more and it is as follows:

  • The organization offers support to the foster families or partner shelters, bound by a signed agreement, taking care temporarily of a found bird handed to us from a third partie, by supplying cages, food and toys to those birds under their care ( in Quebec only for now).
  • The organization also covers the cost of veterinary care when required. Meanwhile, Perroquetsecours performs the necessary research to find the rightful owners of the found bird or an adoptive family if necessary.
  • Perroquetsecours also organizes research, when a bird is lost, and call to all to deploy all volunteers available in the field.
  • The organization have the mandate, even if it is not its primary objective to intervene, through our foster families available or our partners who are shelters and have a signed agreement with us, in some cases of abused, mistreated, abandoned or orphaned birds handed to us, while we look for an adoptive family selected according to certain criteria.
  • Our mandate allows us to support any charity organizations or shelters partners in our mission. We may also organize events for our own benefit or for the benefit of all charity organizationsrelated to parrots and recognized by both Governments, who are also partners in our mission.
  • The organization can also purchase or sale promotional items, may also have the help of sponsors or may receive donations to carry out its mission.


That is the mandate of Perroquetsecours.


Want to volunteer or foster, please email us at:

You are a parrot shelter, an organization dedicated to parrots and want to invest in our cause, or you wish to make your contribution as a partner or sponsor, please contact us

You want to raise funds for your Charity organization helping parrots, you want to do it through an event presented by Perroquetsecours, or you would like more information about this matter or about our organization, please contact us at:



Our fundraising events


Perroquetsecours has the mandate to organize events for its own benefit or for the benefit of any registered charity organization helping parrots, or both together. These events allow us to raise money for our own purposes as well as for other registered charity organization or cause.

Perroquetsecours takes care of everything, including room rental, equipment needed, recruitingsponsors, conference, spoke person, ticket sales, advertising, buffet, drinks and so on.

The organization for which Perroquetsecours raise funds along should actively participate in the event, by advertising the event on their respective websites, by presenting their own organization at the event, by helping to prepare the room for the event and the restoration of the room rented after the event.

Organizations have no fees to pay. All expenses related to the event will be temporarilysupported by Perroquetsecours. All amounts related to the event will be collected byPerroquetsecours also. All expenses will be deducted from the amounts collected and the result will be equally distributed between Perroquetsecours and the organization for which the event was jointly organized.

If such an event interests you or if you have any questions, contact us at:




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