Your bird and the holiday celebration

-L'oiseau trouvé a faim, il a un comportement bizarre ou il vous semble malade. Bref, vous avez des doutes ou certains questionnements sur un oiseau trouvé ou le vôtre. Vous trouverez ici de l'information pertinente pour vous aider. Vous pouvez aussi y déposer de l'information ou y poser vos questions.
-The bird you found seems hungry, he has a weird behavior or seems sick. You have some doubts or questions about a found bird or about your own. Here you will find relevant information to help you. You can also submit information or ask questions.
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Your bird and the holiday celebration

Messagepar Jojo » Mar Déc 18, 2012 11:01 pm

In this time of year, a time for celebration, we can only do prevention at Perroquetsecours. The holiday season is upon us and many dangers await your bird.

Besides decorations that are often hazardous for your bird, people visiting you are not used to living with a bird. The doors will open and close upon people arrival or when they go outside to smoke. You will be busy cooking delicious meals for your guess and your focus will certainly not be on your bird. Also, young children may sometimes be too brutal with such a fragile being and the risk of getting bitten is also present.

We advise you to leave your bird where he will be safe, in his cage. You can introduce your bird to your visitors in time and at your convenience. Losing a bird outside at this time of year could put his life in danger and your celebration would have a short extend so why risk it?

On the other hand, if you go elsewhere for your celebration, still take some precautions to protect your bird. Tell your neighbors that you will not be home and to keep an eye out on your house. If you are not far away, come back home to check on evening. Leave your outside lights on and leave some dimmed lighting inside. Close all curtains and blinds. If you have 2 cars, leave one in your parking for everyone to see. Lock all doors, even those you don’t lock usually. Lock up your bird’s cage and we suggest that you do not alert everyone on Facebook and Twitter about your whereabouts.

You can never be too careful and have a safe holiday celebration!
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