-Vous avez adopté un oiseau ? Vous trouverez ici de l'information sur la cage appropriée à l'espèce, les aires de jeux, installations, jouets et détails sur leur confection. Les photos sont permises en les hébergeant, au préalable, sur un site conçu à cet effet, tels photobucket, imageshack ou autres. Vous pouvez aussi y déposer de l'information ou y poser vos questions.
-You've adopted a bird ? Here you will find information about the appropriate size cage for each species, playgrounds, facilities, toys and confection details. Pictures are allowed if hosted on websites such as photobucket, imageshack or others. You can also submit information or ask questions.
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Basic cage cleaning should be done daily and once a week a thorough wash down should be done of the grill, base, bars and soiled accessories. Paper is the best material to use for trays. Avoid using litters of any kind as they can promote bacterial and fungal growth, can obstruct the gizzard if ingested, mask dropping color and formation and can be expensive. Special soaps and disinfectants are not needed unless you house many birds, otherwise use a mild dish soap and rinse well. If you need to do a full disinfection of a cage a 10% solution of bleach works best but keep in mind that porous materials such as wood, leather and ropes cannot be disinfected and are best thrown out and replaced. Food and water bowls should be washed daily.
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