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(August 2017) lost green cheek conure in Hamilton ON

Posté : Jeu Déc 07, 2017 8:33 pm
par Diane Labarre
Perroquetsecours Wanted Notice

Date : August 2017
Status : lost
Species : green cheek conure
Bird's name : Gigi
Distinguishing Characteristics : green, red long tail, black head, bright red under wings
Location, Country, State, Province, City : Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Street, intersection, area : William McCulloch Park
Band or microchip ID :
Details : responds to her name "Gigi", "good girl", pretty bird"
Contact name : Perroquetsecours
Contact phone : 450-567-8765
Contact email :
Original Listing URL : ... 1288022147
Listing from :
Quote :
Lost "pretty" conure She is green with a dark red tail, black head and bright red underwings. She is the left one in the picture. She is a very dear family pet. She responds to whistling, "Pretty bird", "good girl", and her name "Gigi". She will whistle and squack back Last seen at William McCulloch Park Please message or phone... if spotted or captured

Picture or poster :

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If this an urgent matter contact : 450-567-8765

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Re: (Dec. 07.17) lost green cheek conure in Hamilton ON

Posté : Jeu Déc 07, 2017 8:38 pm
par Diane Labarre
info request sent