About us


Registered with the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec, Perroquetsecours is a Charity Organization, which main goal is to support the foster families or shelters bound by a signed agreement, who are taking care temporarily of the found birds handed over to Perroquetsecours. Your donations go directly to the cause. Indeed, when a found bird is handed over to us, his condition is sometimes a matter of emergency for veterinary care to be administered. It is equally important to provide parrots staying in our foster families or inpartner shelters, with basic needs such as food,cage and toys. A portion of your donation goesalso to support certain costs incurred for voluntary action, such as creating posters andprinted copies for distribution to find a lost bird.

The site and the organization are one. Perroquetsecours works through the help of volunteers efforts, foster homes, shelters, partners, sponsors, other websites and other organizations avian and it works thanks to you.

We wish to thank you for your involvement and contribution to the cause of  lost / found / stolenparrots. We will provide an annual report to all of our donors who will make the request for it at the end of each fiscal year.

Together we can make a difference and your help is precious !




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