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We wish to thank you for your involvement and contribution to the cause of  lost / found / stolenparrots. A receipt will be issued for any donation over $ 20.00. We will provide an annual report to all of our donors who will make the request for it at the end of each fiscal year.

Together we can make a difference and your help is precious !


Making a planned gift 


Gift planning

Charitable gift planning is a donor-centered process of making charitable donations based on financial, tax and estate planning. By including Perroquetsecours in your charitable gift planning, you know that your donation will support a worthy cause.

There are various ways to include Perroquetsecours in your gift planning:

A charitable donation bequest in your will: this is the easiest way to give. All you have to do is include a clause in your will stating that you want to make a donation to Perroquetsecours. You should include our address and phone number to be sure the money will end up in the right place. You can designate as a donation an amount of money to give, a specific asset, or a percentage of your estate or its residual value.

A charitable donation of a life insurance policy: you can designate Perroquetsecours as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, whether the policy is new or already in existence.

A charitable donation of a retirement plan: you can designate Perroquetsecours as a beneficiary of your registered retirement plan (RRSP, RRIF). In the province of Quebec, this designation can only be made in your will. In the rest of Canada, the designation can be made directly in the RRSP or RRIF plan.


Advantages of gift planning that includes Perroquetsecours

The inclusion of a charitable donation to Perroquetsecours in your estate plan ensures that you will continue to support a worthy cause.

Giving to charity has the added advantage of carrying tax benefits. Charitable donations made through gift planning will help reduce the income tax payable by your estate. Donations made by your estate will generate tax credits that can be used in your last two years of tax returns or by your estate (year of donation or years prior to donation). Such a bequest can generate significant tax benefits especially when you consider that the final returns must include all income, capital gains and profits resulting from owning a secondary residence, and the total value of your RRSP and RRIF (if not transferred to a spouse).




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