Make a difference in a bird’s life by volunteering for Perroquetsecours. By giving a bit of your time, you can offer some lost-and-found birds a chance to sleep in a warm comforting place or better even, in their own home instead of a strange and terrifying place.


There are several ways to volunteer:


  • You can browse different websites on the net and notify us when you find ads concerning lost/found/stolen birds, by copying the address where you saw the notice and sending it to us by email at avisderecherche@perroquetsecours.com, or you can fill the form available at:  https://www.perroquetsecours.com/?page_id=1597. Upon verification, we will publish your email or form along with your name. Seasoned volunteers could be given the option of becoming research assistants.

  • You can also participate extensively in search efforts in your area when an appeal for help is published, in order to assist those who have lost a bird in their efforts to locate it. It is imperative to find lost birds quickly, especially in the cold season. Appeals for help are published as needed in the Volunteers in action section. Posters will also be available for printing and distribution. When you arrive on the scene, introduce yourself as a volunteer for Perroquetsecours and offer your assistance.

  • You can also act as a foster family, as a private individual or as a shelter, by offering a temporary roof to found birds while Perroquetsecours takes the required steps to find the owner or a loving adoptive family if the owner can’t be found. With the help of its partners and donors, and as far as circumstances permit, Perroquetsecours will cover costs incurred while the bird is in your custody for items such as cage, food, toys and veterinary care, if needed.

  •  Foster families are chosen according to certain criteria. It goes without saying that Perroquetsecours is by no means a shelter, and that birds are entrusted to foster homes on a temporary basis. Foster homes are strictly forbidden to give away or sell a bird in their care. Perroquetsecours will not be held responsible for damages or bites inflicted by the entrusted bird, or for the risk of disease transmitted to humans and other birds living in the foster home. Selected foster families have to sign an agreement with Perroquetsecours before any bird is entrusted to their care.


Foster families who take in a bird not entrusted to them by Perroquetsecours do so on their own initiative. In such a case, Perroquetsecours denies any liability regarding that bird.

Many other forms of volunteering are possible. If you wish to become a volunteer, please fill out our volunteering application form available at the following link : https://www.perroquetsecours.com/?page_id=1840

To become a foster family, please fill the form available at the following link : https://www.perroquetsecours.com/?page_id=2107

If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please contact us at the following address:benevolat@perroquetsecours.com


Thank you for your involvement!


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