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Search notices were initiated by the loss of a bird and a broken heart, belonging to Jojo. Perroquetsecours is an extension of her vision that is a logical sequence of events. This site is a must for all those who have lost or found a bird.


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Jojo, founder


Jojo lives with a family consisting of seven parrots, namely : Peanut ( Jardine’s) , Lola ( Yellow-fronted amazon ) , Onyx ( African Grey ) , Cashew (cockatoos alba) , Maggie ( Cape Parrot ) , Paco ( Quaker ) and Cocotte ( Quaker ) .


The loss of her Jardine’s Billy who escaped during a vacation at Ivy Lea’s park in Ontario , in July 2008, hurt deeply  Jojo. She went through this painful experience with a lot of intensity and sadness. Not having yet recovered her bird, since that day she search through the web daily for lost and found birds, in the hope of finding him. Noticing that very few reference sites on the matter of  lost/found/stolen parrots exist on the Web, she committed herself to disseminating tirelessly publish all the birds search notices she saw on some forums devoted to parrots. Jojo had only one step further to make in order to create a website dedicated to the cause and it was launched in August 2010 as . The great adventure begins and Josee wishes, through her website , to help parrots find their family and support parrots’ owners living through the same painful experience as she did when she lost Billy .



Administrative website team


The administrative website team consists of volunteers:



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Jojo, administrator, senior search notice and adoption assistant, training mentor and volunteers coordinator





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Josée, senior search notice assistant





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Dominique, senior search notice and adoption assistant, training assistant and volunteers coordinator






Mylène, senior search notice assistant







Charlène, senior search notice assistant and training assistant





Nathalie, junior search notice assistant and adoption assistant





Andrée-Anne, senior search notice assistant 

and training assistant






Rachel, adoption assistant



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