Our mission



Although sensitive to the protection and preservation of parrots, Perroquetsecours’ mission is not to militate, but is to help lost, stolen or found parrots to find those who love them. In that matter, Perroquetsecours must disregard all beliefs or opinions that can affect its mission. We are a group of volunteers entirely devoted to the cause of lost / found / stolen parrots and our goal is to make a difference by taking the following actions:

  • Help parrots to find their home and those who love them;

  • Support parrot owners in their search process by providing tools to facilitate their efforts and when required, send a call to all the volunteers available to help carry out search to find a lost bird;

  • Act as an intermediary between the owners looking for their lost birds and the people who have hosted a found bird and who are looking for the owner;

  • Search for temporary foster families to host lost birds when necessary, time to find their rightful family and if no foster families are available, turn to our partners which are birds’ shelters and who have a signed agreement with Perroquetsecours;

  • Support organizations in the intervention of cases such as abused, abandoned, and orphaned parrots, through our foster families available or our partners who are shelters and who have a signed agreement with Perroquetsecours;

  • Find through our support network, a new family who will give the appropriate care, comfort and warmth of a new home to those unwanted or unclaimed parrots.


That is what Perroquetsecours’ mission is all about !


Notice that if you lose your bird, you will find in Perroquetsecours an indispensable tool containing information favorable to help you in your search and you will find a team of volunteers who have at heart the cause of lost / found / stolen birds and from whom you’ll find help, comfort and support.


The key to find your bird is perseverance.

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