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In order to publish your Wanted Notice concerning a lost/found/stolen parrot, we ask you to fill this short form.

Upon reception of your request, we will publish your Wanted Notice as soon as possible in the Wanted Notices section.



Please fill and return by clicking the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this form.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) have to be filled in. If you do not see a confirmation that your publication request as been sent, then you need to fill out the required spaces that were not filled in as requested.

example : 31/12/2017


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Thank you for filling this form!

By sending this form, you authorize Perroquetsecours to collect, classify and use the transferred data.

Also, you authorize Perroquetsecours to publish your Wanted Notice on its website and other websites and discussion groups visited by parrot enthusiasts in order to increase its exposure.

You also accept that any person wishing to contact you will do so through Perroquetsecours, who will check the received information for provenance and relevancy before transferring it to you.

Perroquetsecours reserves the right to accept or reject Requisitions for Publishing without further justification.

Please enter the phrase as it is shown in the box above or tick the box and follow the instructions, then click on SUBMIT.