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Help and relief servicesDespite the fact that we dearly care for our pet birds, health or related issues may prevent us from taking good care of them. In cases such as this, adoption may seem to be the only possible solution to consider. But what if this situation is only temporary? Thanks to volunteer families in Perroquet Secours’ network, we may be able to offer you another option. Depending on the availability of our volunteers, you could benefit from our temporary help, which would prevent the useless abandonment of your birds.

This support service is targeted at people living extraordinary emergency situations who cannot, temporarily, continue insuring the welfare of their birds. This is not a bird sitting service, but a last resort help offer, which would . apply in various situations including sickness. For example, you have undergone surgery, or a medical treatment diminishes your ability to move around, or your immune system is temporarily depressed, which prevents you from cleaning cages, or you requires a prolonged hospitalisation. The offer of help would also be available for people who are forced to leave their home due to a natural disaster or in cases of domestic violence.

Help could come in the form of temporary shelter in a foster family or, help at home for the maintenance of your cages. Although this service is offered at no cost, a fee of $10.00 will be required to open your file, to insure us of the seriousness of the request, as well as for the preparation of necessary documents. Depending on your needs you may have to reimburse certain fees to cover the cost of transportation of our volunteers, or for the maintenance of your birds in their shelter (food, veterinary care if necessary, etc..). These fees will exclusively serve to repay costs incurred by this service. If your situation requires that you ask for our help and relief services, all you have to do is complete our form. Once your request is accepted, we will then send you the service agreement, along with the request for payment to open your file.




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