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Our fundraising events


Perroquetsecours has the mandate to organize events for its own benefit or for the benefit of any Registered  Charity Organization or cause that helps parrots, or both together. These events allow us to raise money for our own purposes as well as for other Registered Charity Organization or cause.

Perroquetsecours takes care of everything, including room rental, equipment needed, recruitingsponsors, conference, spoke person, ticket sales, advertising, buffet, drinks and so on.

The organization for which Perroquetsecours raise funds along should actively participate in the event, by advertising the event on their respective websites, by presenting their own organization at the event, by helping to prepare the room for the event and the restoration of the room rented after the event.

Organizations have no fees to pay. All expenses related to the event will be temporarily supported by Perroquetsecours. All amounts related to the event will be collected by Perroquetsecours also. All expenses will be deducted from the amounts collected and the result will be equally distributed between Perroquetsecours and the organization for which the event was jointly organized.

If such an event interests you or if you have any questions, contact us at: organisme@perroquetsecours.com


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