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Birds up for adoption



At Perroquetsecours , you can adopt a bird according to certain criteria by completing the form at the following link :

This form is essential to help us select the best family for each bird. The questions asked are also essential to make sure the bird doesn’t make several families and to help prevent that you and the bird have a bad experience.

Several organizations refer people to us, that for reasons that belongs to them, must find a new family for their birds. Many people also contact us to adopt a bird. Perroquetsecours holds a confidential database, including adoptive families classified by birds’ species and who wish to adopt.

Most Perroquetsecours birds are stray animals who where found out for whom we have’nt managed to trace the owners, despite our search. Since the genetics of these birds are unknown, we would not allow for these birds to be used for breeding.

Birds are placed for adoption by Perroquetsecours or when we have a clear mandate to act for the owner. In both ways, birds are protected by an adoption contract, binding the adopted birds to Perroquetsecours their life long. These birds can not be sold, transferred, exchanged or given up for adoption without the consent of Perroquetsecours. People who adopt know they can also contact us if necessary.

It may seem excessive to have adoption rules so rigorous but for Perroquetsecours, a bird is’nt just a bird. Whith their life expectancy, it is absurd that some birds change dozens of times of families during their life. You do not have to look far to understand why some birds have behavior problems. People are often misinformed about the species they’ve adopted and sometimes they have unpleasant surprises.

It certainly happens that we had to put a bird back for adoption after he was adopted in the past, but we try to minimize the risk as much as possible through this form.


Thank you for your understanding !


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