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Rehousing services


rehousing servicesSometimes life compels us to make heartbreaking decisions and unfortunately, our pets can be the object of such decisions. Faced with illness or another difficult situation, we may be forced to part with a cherished bird. At Perroquetsecours , we have a very deep understanding of that kind of hardship and our close ties with parrot owners have shown us how difficult it can be to find a suitable home for a pet bird.



Rehousing services (search mandate in view of adoption)

That’s why we offer a rehousing service, similar to a dating service between prospective adopters and birds put up for adoption. Our goal is to find a suitable family, financially able to care for a bird and compatible with the species to be adopted, through the following procedure: firstly, would-be adopters must complete a questionnaire; then our volunteers make a house call; finally, after analyzing the applicants’ files, Perroquetsecours presents the bird owner with the best prospective adopters. The final decision falls to the bird owner as well as the arrangements to be made with the chosen adoptive family. The owner who hands his bird over and the adoptive family are free to discuss reimbursement of certain costs.

To avail yourself of our service, you must complete a questionnaire, pay a non-refundable $25 fee per bird from October to May or $50 fee per bird from May to October (high peak period for lost birds) and be willing to continue caring for your bird until we find a good family for him. Before we start doing the research, we must receive the payment of the fee (creation of the bird’s file), the required documents (Mandate for adoption and its Appendix: Information on the parrot) and a clear photograph of your bird. The $25 or $50 fee per bird is by no means a guarantee that your bird will be adopted, but we will make every possible effort to find him a suitable home.

If you have a change of heart and decide to keep your bird, you just have to notify us by mail or email and we will remove the publication.

To begin the adoption procedure, click HERE to fill out the form.

Perroquetsecours reserves the right to accept or refuse the applications submitted.


Accommodation fees – birds entrusted by successors of a deceased person


Perroquetsecours’ primary mission is to reunite lost, found or stolen birds with their legitimate owner. However, we have increased our services beyond the scope of this mission over the years in order to meet demands such as rehousing services of birds previously owned by a deceased person.

When bereaved relatives ask for our help in rehousing the birds of a loved one, we can lend them a hand and support them by looking for the ideal family for their orphaned birds.

However, we have to charge accommodation fees since the donations we receive are not enough to cover the cost of caring for these birds until a suitable home is found.

A three-month deposit is required; any excess payment will be reimbursed should the bird be adopted before the end of that term. Bequests by particular titles attributed to the Organization are excluded from this rule (non-redeemable).

Below is the fee schedule established according to bird size – which is used to determine its needs food- and cage-wise. This chart is subject to revision.

Accommodation fees are of $5 per day, up to a maximum of:

$20 monthly: budgie, barred Parakeet or Pacific Parrotlet, canary or finch
$30 monthly: cockatiel, small conure or lovebird
$40 monthly: Monk Parakeet (quaker), rose-ringed Parakeet, brown-headed Parrot
$50 monthly: Caique, Senegal Parrot, Meyer Parrot, small macaws (i.e. red-shouldered M., aka Hahn’s and noble M.)
$60 monthly: Pionus, sun Conure, red-fronted Parrot (Poicephalus gulielmi), Lories and Lorikeets
$70 monthly: small Cockatoos (i.e. Galah, Tanimbar or Little Corella), small Amazons (i.e. red-lored A.), Cape Parrot, Timneh Parrot
$80 monthly: Eclectus Parrot, medium-sized Cockatoos (i.e. yellow-crested C.), medium-sized Amazons (i.e. turquoise-fronted A.), Grey Parrot, Alexandrine Parakeet
$90 monthly: large Amazons (i.e. yellow-crowned A.), white Cockatoo
$100 monthly: large Cockatoos (i.e. salmon-crested C.), medium-sized Macaws (i.e. blue-and-yellow M.).

The costs of veterinary care incurred in the event of injury or disease are not included.




If you are interested by one of these options, or wish to get more information, fill out the following form:


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