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Perroquetsecours is a well-known organization in the Quebec avian community and beyond. Like any non-profit organization, we need funding sources to provide for the birds under our care requiring food, cages, accessories and very often, veterinary care. In that matter, we are looking for a sponsorship that will not only allow you to support our cause, but to also be one of our proud partners and sponsors, and reach a wide clientele of passionate bird lovers and customers, who are looking for quality products and services.


Having various needs, we are always looking for partners and are open to trade goods and services. Thus, a sponsorship can also take the form of discounts or freebies on products and services for our organization, our volunteers or members, such as toys, food, veterinary care, conferences, events table, etc. For that reason, the monetary value of sponsorship you will find bellow, could also be replaced by an exchange or sharing of equivalent value, according to our current needs.


Here are the options we offer, grouped by categories:


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Here are the options we offer, grouped by categories :

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Upon receiving your payment, 48 hours is to be expected in order to publish online your logo or banner. This publication is valid for one year and starts at the time of posting. In terms of your banner advertising in our fundraising event, it will be published at the time the event will be available online and as posters and flyers will be printed.

Also, Perroquetsecours reserves the right to refuse a partnership agreement if it does not meet our needs of the moment or if it goes against the values that frames our mission or if it does not comply with government requirements.

A formal contract will have to be signed according to the chosen options.

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